Do You Have a Business but Not a Website? Here's Why You Should

Do You Have a Business but Not a Website? Here's Why You Should

The consensus is that without a website, your business is losing a lot. And that’s quite a sensible thing to consider, especially in the internet obsessed age we live in currently.

Even if one person knows your brand, you’ve been googled way more times than you can imagine. And at this exact point, you’re losing a potential customer to your digitally-visible competitors.

If a google search for you can’t get someone directly to you, the potential sale goes to a contender. That, right there, is an opportunity you lost because you don’t have a website. We present a few more equally rational reasons why not having your website is a mistake.

Window Shopping Has Evolved, so Has the Consumer

A good number of people don’t bother roaming the streets to scour the stores anymore. Most of them already carry an idea of what they want. Everything they wish to know to be able to make an informed choice, they google.

The real window shopping begins when the customer, all prepared with a list of specifications and affordable price range, scours the internet for the product they want from the brand they trust.

They go through Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and every other social and nonsocial site to find the best deal for themselves. If you don’t provide it to them, someone else would.

Without a Functional Website to Mark Your Digital Presence, You'll Be at Loss

First, you’ll never have a chance with the said customer if you don’t have a website. Second, if you do have one but fail at offering the desired service, the customer will bounce from your page to somewhere else. Bouncing is a phenomenon you can’t afford when you’re trying to make a name for yourself in the digital world.

The moral- not only do you need a website for your business, you need one that is well maintained, functionally efficient, and equipped with curated content for your target market to succeed in your intentions. But, having a website is paramount, even if you begin with one that’s poorly designed.

Put Your Business, a Fairly Designed Website, and Social Media Influence in a Grinder and You'll Get Your Brand's Credibility

Let’s suppose that you’re available online. Your customers can shop with you anytime they want. They are free to fish for compliments and complaints in the testimonials, look through your entire collection of products, and look up your brand faith value among social media groups.

Social media offer you free promotions. If a customer is happy, they’ll brag about you on their FB, Insta, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. They’ll leave reviews on your website for others to read and judge. And they’ll do it just because they felt convenience in doing business with you.

Over time, such feedback will build your online reputation. Your brand will begin being seen as a reliable, credible, and go-to source for a particular product/service. This trust will reflect in the sales as well.

Building a Website Is Neither Much Trouble nor Very Expensive- Give It a Try for Your Business's Sake

A website is like having an online store. No one has to stay up late to switch the lights off, turn the shutter down, lock every nook and cranny, and sternly advice the drowsy security guard to keep an eagle’s eye on your living-generating goose.

You can easily hire a professional team to get your website up and running within a few days. The advantage of getting it done at the hands of an experienced crew is an aptly secure and creatively positioned digital presence at a reasonable cost, with least efforts on your part.

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