‘Social Media Searching’ – How do Users Locate Your Brand?

Social media searching and search engines are considered a means to discover facts, services, or products. If you want to buy a liquid shoe wax bottle, you search using the words ˜liquid shoe wax bottle. If you want content, you type writers for hire.

The dynamic of search engines and discovery has always been simple. However, with the onset of social media networks, search engines are no longer the prime mode of finding out things.

29% of digital shoppers admitted to using social media while discovering a product or service with intent to purchase. Let’s look into how these social networks are acting as mediums of discovery.

Various Social Media Platforms

Since the launch of Facebook Live video in 2016, many marketers have turned to the platform to create more interactive, engaging, and succinct video content. It has resulted in an increase in the number of discoveries. Other tools, such as Facebook Live Map, allow advertisers to connect with customers, target them based on their preferences, and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns. Instagram makes influencer marketing more effective. It offers a greater number of graphic tools than Facebook. It’s known for its filtered photos and ultra-personal touch. Many lifestyle companies use Instagram to promote their products and receive a positive reaction.

Instagram is particularly useful for new campaigns and recently established brands. Influencers hook their followers with the product they like, thus offering the brand a well-built and dedicated consumer group. Influencer marketing is also a well-proven and efficient way of discovering brands.

Many brands are introducing in-app shopping facilities. While this feature is limited to a few products and a few online stores, for now, it has opened new windows for a user who wishes to shop as conveniently as possible.

How is Social Media Searching User Friendly?

Users can search Instagram for a product and explore their way through the results within the app. They only need to leave the app and go to the brand rsquo;s website to complete the transaction and finalise the purchase.

Social media platforms have consistently encouraged discovering ideas and supported it by following the search with images that the user could save.

Users are more likely to come across a marketer’s brand, product, or services if they keep an active presence on social media platforms. In the United States, 55% of social media users acknowledged to using the site for shopping or product discovery.
Search isn’t going away, it’s simply being reimagined.
Both organic and sponsored search continue to play a significant role in attracting visitors to your website. They are quite effective and crucial to your brand’s discovery. 

But social media is offering a new way to reach customers. It is offering a new batch of possible consumers. As a marketer, investing into social media networks means grabbing new opportunities and a chance to leave a deeper impact on customers.