How to Optimize Your PPC Strategy?

In the early 2000s the gathering PPC strategy was an easy task. It was all about allocating a budget, setting up a campaign, hitting the button, and watching the traffic flow turning into extremely valuable leads.

It was easy because competition was low, and CTRs were high. Today after 21 years, the effort you need to put into creating a successful PPC campaign has seen immense change and growth.

You’ll need a digital marketing company that will do analysis, and, of course, a lot of optimization for this.

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What do you understand by paid search and PPC strategy?

Almost every Google or Bing search results page will have a few links at the top with the words “AD” next to them. The advertised links appear above organic search results. It allows brands to gain exposure faster rather than investing months in organic marketing strategy. The PPC strategy is that the business or brand will receive a certain amount of money each time someone clicks these links.

The following are some words to be aware of:

1.       Keywords

You can use keywords from the search query to target your advertising. As a fitness supplement manufacturer you could target terms like: “pre-workout shake” or “what is the best supplement for working out.”

·         Short-tail keywords, like the former, would see an increase in the number of companies and businesses competing for their use.

·         Long-tail keywords, like the above, would face less competition and need less advertising.

2.       Bid

The cost per keyword, or “Google Ad Word” in Google’s case is determined by the level of competition for that keyword. Long-tail keywords are less expensive, as previously stated.

3.       Negative keywords

The impression share of your PPC ad indicates how well it is doing. It’s basically the amount of impressions you got divided by the number of projected impressions you were eligible for.

4.       Bid Optimization

As you probably already know, being on the first page of Google is crucial. Furthermore, being in the top three positions guarantees the bulk of clicks.

What does it mean to be number one? That is exactly what an integrated paid search approach entails.

But wait, don’t you just want to be the first answer on a Google search engine results list ? You want to be the first result on important search pages. You’ll need to fine-tune the bidding strategy for this.

If you’re currently ranked two or three for Ad Words with a positive ROI, you should boost your offer to drive these to number one.

You can lower your offer if you’re number one for Ad Words that aren’t making a profit.

This is where budgeting comes into play. If not thoroughly studied beforehand, PPC and paid search marketing will easily deplete a marketing budget. With some Ad Words costs reaching as high as Rs 2800- Rs 4200 per click, you’ll want to stay on top of your offer change. If you’re on a tight budget, focus on long-tail keywords.

 To ensure you’re not totally out of your depth, Google Ads has automated bid strategy and formatting tools. Make use of these bid strategies—machine Google’s learning has gotten pretty good at predicting customer behaviour.

5.       Optimizing Conversion Rate

There could be nothing wrong with your ad copy or targeting abilities if you have a high impression rate but a low conversion rate. It’s possible that the issue is simply that you’re approaching the wrong audience.

To maximise conversions, use main search strategies like Affinity, In-Market, and Similar To Audiences in your search campaigns.

This will tell Google to display ads to more eligible leads (i.e., those that are more likely to convert!).

6.       Starting at Ground Zero

If your company is launching a paid search marketing campaign, make sure you have social media marketing agency that understands your business. Though Google offers impressive analytics, monitoring insights, and control features, optimizing in real time without prior analysis would waste marketing money.

This is why before launching a campaign. Your digital marketing company will conduct an audit of your organisation and your target audience. The better and more thorough the audit, the less money would be wasted on publicity.

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