Let's Talk Influencer Marketing and Its Rules

by TechKnowTen28 Jul 2017
Influencer marketing uses key leaders as per an audience demographic to try and promote a product or message. Instead of trying to get through to your target viewers using an advertisement or campaign, influencer marketing allows you to hire a famous face to spread the word for you. Read More

The Connection between Social Media Marketing and Research

by TechKnowTen25 Jul 2017
What comes to your mind when I say ‘research’? Complicated? Systematic? Facts? Long hours in the library? Endless hours spent staring at a computer? The reality of research is far from these assumptions. In the present tech era, getting to the depth of any matter doesn’t require a lot of money and time. It doesn’t take weeks. Or a focus group survey. Or a group of spectacle clad people dressed in a lab coat. Read More