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India’s Most Reliable Mobile App Development Company

Techknowten Technologies is one of the top mobile enterprise application development firms in India. Our forte is developing IoT, Android, and iOS applications with a robust cloud-based backend infrastructure.

Mobile applications are no longer a luxury but a necessity. By 2020, it is anticipated that these apps would produce $189 billion in revenue. At Techknowten, one of the top IT firms in India, we are industry experts in the creation of mobile applications. Recognized as one of the top five mobile app development firms, we are professionals in the creation of mobile apps for B2B, B2C, and B2E commercial settings. Our variety of multi-platform mobile app development services in India is suitable for everyone, from huge corporations and government agencies to small and medium-sized businesses. Over the years, we have created a variety of mobile applications for industries ranging from healthcare to entertainment.

We have given high-quality products to 100% satisfied customers. We distinguish ourselves from other mobile app development company in India by providing products with world-class UI/UX.

We believe in staying current with the most advanced technologies. We assist businesses in realising the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) through our extensive software development services for IoT. We are one of the leading IT businesses in India that saw the hype surrounding IoT early on and specialised in the technology. We are proficient in WiFi, WiFi Direct, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth 2.0, iBeacon, Zigbee, NFC, and AWS Lambda technologies (Serverless app development).

A Dedicated Group For Assistance And Compliance

We have an in-house consortium of knowledgeable specialists who adhere to an agile development style in order to provide comprehensive, dependable solutions. Before delivering the final product, our diverse staff works diligently to comprehend the client’s objectives and investigate the finest of details.

Mobile App Development Company In India With Unmatched Experience And Proven Competence

We enjoy being on the cutting edge tremendously. We continually test our limits and utilise our expertise to produce robust applications. We have you covered with years of experience and knowledge across the whole mobile ecosystem, from interactive interface design to server-side architecture and integration.

Our Mobile App Development Business In India Takes A Methodical Approach To App Design

Requirement Analysis

Our journey begins with examining the precise needs of our clients and gaining an understanding of their ultimate business objectives.


We conceptualise the app’s design, navigation, and aesthetic to ensure that it meets both the client’s and the audience’s needs.

Integration with Present Functions

Our applications are designed for smooth integration with any independently developed application in order to streamline the flow of information without compromising privacy.

Efficient Design

Our talented team of designers is able to create feature-rich, user-friendly mobile applications for multiple mobile platforms.


Techknowten is renowned for creating high-performing applications with robust code that is compatible with the most recent versions of several platforms.

Stringent QA & Testing

Our mobile applications are put through many channels of rigorous testing to ensure that they are secure and bug-free.

Submission to the Play / App Store

Our effort does not end with app creation. In addition to submitting these apps to the individual app stores, we provide all pertinent information. We also provide App Store Optimization services to boost the app’s position.

Support & Upgrades

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your application is constantly up-to-date and operating at top efficiency.

Why Choose Techknowten As A Mobile App Development Company In India?

Smartphones have tremendous market-building potential for your business. We assist you in using this opportunity to expand your consumer base with a few mouse clicks. With the aid of cutting-edge technology and simple mobile-first technologies, we assist you in expanding your market by maximising the mobile platform.

Techknowten began its adventure in 2014 as a Mobile Application Development Company in Noida and has since assisted a vast array of businesses, from startups to enterprises. As a result, we have achieved a high level of skill and competence in providing our customers with profitable, user-centric, and robust end-to-end enterprise technology solutions. Our clients have identified us as one of the most trusted mobile app development companies in India due to our agile development methodology.

As one of the most rapidly expanding top IT businesses in India, we try to provide our clients with the most reliable and user-centric mobile applications. We collaborate closely with you to guarantee your needs are addressed.


We guarantee world-class mobile applications by employing cutting-edge technologies in an appropriate manner.


We comprehend the purpose of mobile apps for your corporation and assist in developing robust, considerate, and user-friendly mobile solutions.

Over a Decade of Experience

Your mobile application will be created by our engineering staff, which is well-versed in emerging technologies.

Communication and project administration

For a conflict-free development path, our excellent communication strengthens the relationship and addresses the issues.

Mobile Application Development Systems We Specialize In

Android, cross-platform, and iOS are prominent terms associated with mobile application development, and with good reason. In product development, the utilisation of cutting-edge technology is not the only factor that matters. It is how effectively it has been applied, which can only be achieved if a mobile app development company has mobile application developers with suitable experience and skill. 

With people accessing the Internet from a variety of devices, such as a smartphone or a tablet, our team recognises the necessity to develop mobile applications that are responsive and serve a wide customer base. Our organisation is honoured to be recognised as one of the most important and dependable contributors employing specialist technology that is compatible with both single-platform and cross-platform applications.


Android App Development has been one of the most important factors in the advancement of smart phone technology. Techknowten is one of the competent mobile application development businesses in India that has incorporated all of Android’s operating features into highly effective mobile applications. As the Android operating system includes key features such as support for NFC or Near Field Communications, support for the use of multiple keywords, infrared transmission, which allows you to use your phone as a remote control device, and many other key features, our mobile app developers are technically savvy to utilise these features and create the best and most cost-effective mobile application possible.

IOS Application Development Company

Apple’s iOS operating system, which runs on the iPhone, iPad, and iPODs, swept the globe with its scientific features and user-friendly design. As a notable iOS development business in India, we keep our team abreast of the most recent iOS upgrades and updates. All of our clients have praised our knowledge, expertise, and adaptability in designing solid iOS applications, and this drives us to incorporate the newest technology available. As a result of the proliferation of iPhones, numerous companies have begun to develop iPhone applications. 

Techknowten aims to create a difference and be acknowledged as one of India’s most adaptable and favoured iPhone app development companies. To do this, our skilled mobile app developers are well-versed in utilising cutting-edge technology and producing engaging final results.


In addition to single platforms, our mobile app developers have excelled at developing cross-platform compliant mobile applications. With iPhones and Androids currently dominating the market and their improved versions shaping the future, cross-platform mobile development is of critical importance. 

The cross-platform mobile app development framework is based only on the convenience of the developers. With cross platform app development allowing the re-use of the same code while designing applications, our mobile app developers can assist you in creating a product that is within your budget, has outstanding cloud support, and is simple to test.

Our Mobile App Development Company In India Utilizes An Agile Development Process.


We start the mobile app development process by identifying the client’s project objectives and needs. We consider the client’s suggestion and validate it to ensure its viability. In addition, we create a comprehensive app development project plan that includes identifying the optimal technology stack and completing a well-considered system design.


During the development phase, our developers and technicians tailor every aspect of the solution to the client’s exact requirements. They create and construct a mobility solution that addresses the customer’s pain points by utilising in-depth knowledge of the best industry practises and architecture competencies. In addition to thorough testing and smooth integration with the existing environment, the development phase involves distribution to the individual app stores.


We provide comprehensive after-development support to guarantee success. Our maintenance and support services for mobile applications encompass three tiers of service. Our specialist services include server monitoring, continuous upgrades, analytics monitoring, performance monitoring, app crash monitoring, security reviews, OS and server migration, app store administration, and update evaluations for third-party integrations.

Different Industries We Serve

Techknowten, regarded as the leading Mobile App Development Company in India and India, is well-equipped with sufficient manpower and knowledge, who are able to build technology-driven mobile applications for a variety of industries, such as,


We are a custom mobile application development business that helps you create HIPAA-compliant Mobile App-based solutions for the healthcare industry that protect against fraudulent transactions.

Logistics is our area of expertise. One of these major areas is Logistics, in which our well-equipped Mobile App developers excel at assisting you to track shipments and obtain status updates using a comprehensive Logistics Management system.


Finance Management, an issue for many companies, is included in the mobile app development services we offer. Using a software solution that was developed in-house, we handle all of our customers’ concerns regarding Finance Management.

Retail and Online Shopping

Techknowten’s e-commerce-based solutions compete with all other resources that provide the same service. As one of the leading mobile app development company in India, we provide the greatest online shopping experience with precisely developed E-commerce platforms that adhere to customer specifications.

Education and Online Study

Education and E-learning modules are rapidly supplanting classroom-based education. Techknowten, in keeping with these technological shifts, focuses on retaining the student’s interest in Education using the most innovative and creative means.

Vacations and Tourism

Our Mobile App developers are adept at developing travel-based applications such as payment gateways, e-ticketing systems, and guided virtual tours in order to provide a captivating user experience.

Latest Mobile App Development Technologies Integration

Techknowten provides exceptional native and hybrid application development services. We are a full-stack app development firm that offers end-to-end app construction services for key platforms such as Android, iOS, etc. Our expert staff is capable at utilising the most recent tools and frameworks to create intelligent native and hybrid mobile applications.

The Web of Things

We provide clever connectivity solutions for smartphones and remote devices. Regardless of the size or industry sector of your firm, our team of expert IoT app developers will create effective solutions to meet your objectives. All of our services, including IoT sensor development, IoT wearable development, asset monitoring apps, and voice-enabled IoT solutions, are offered at competitive rates.

Techknowten’s Alexa Skill Development Developers are professionals in creating voice-enabled products that are future-proof. Using the complete capabilities of the Alexa Skills Kit, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), we create the most valuable Alexa skills for your business. Our skilled Alexa skill developers are committed to enhancing your business processes and delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Google Home Development of Actions

Voice First technology assists Techknowledge in developing intuitive and immersive user experiences. With sufficient experience in the voice skill development market, our Google Actions development services are internationally renowned. Our developers are capable of establishing Deep Link Discovery for Google Assistant in order to increase your brand’s voice presence and visibility.

Chatbot Development

Our intelligent chatbot solutions empower businesses to revolutionise their connections with their customers. Our developers produce AI-enabled, extremely intelligent chatbots that can be readily applied in a variety of fields, including healthcare, customer service, eCommerce, entertainment, etc. We employ technologies such as NLU and NLP to develop conversational chatbot systems that provide the best possible client experience.

Wearable technology

We provide mobile application development services in India for portable devices with touch screens and sensors. We provide professional solutions for IoT-based wearable apps, health and fitness monitoring apps, and interactive apps for iWatch, Android Wear, and Google Glass. Our applications are additionally supported by remote data collecting, cloud functionality, monitoring, and other features.

Vehicle Monitoring Services

Techknowten designs and develops powerful fleet management software that assists organisations with all vehicle management and telematics-related activities. Our intelligent systems provide real-time tracking data on vehicle location, fuel usage, and driver behaviour, among other factors.

Uniform Mobile Experience Across All Platforms

At Techknowten, we utilise cutting-edge technologies to create superior applications. The following technologies are incorporated into our custom applications:

Native Application Growth

Native mobile applications are those designed to run on a particular mobile device or operating system. Native applications are renowned for their exceptional performance, as they can utilise device-specific software and hardware with ease. Our mobile app development company in India offers the whole spectrum of services for the creation of robust, secure, and scalable native apps renowned for their advanced features and top-tier performance.

  • Our high-performing applications provide the best mobile experiences, allowing your business to expand and reach more customers.
  • Our native app development services encompass the design and development of applications for Android, iOS, and Windows mobile platforms. Our applications contain immersive features such as 3D Touch, multitasking, and Beacon technology, among others.
  • Our native app developers strive to create solutions that will boost your company’s rankings.

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid mobile apps use the same code to be compatible with several mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, etc. These apps are economical and provide a native-like experience with a straightforward backend design. At Techknowten, we provide perfect hybrid applications that are compatible with all platforms. They employ cutting-edge technology that improve sales and profits for our clients.

  • With us, you can acquire a comprehensive hybrid application that meets your needs and maximises your productivity.
  • Transparency, good UX architecture, high coding standards, and cutting-edge technology are the primary strengths of our hybrid app development services.
  • Our team of engineers is well-versed in framework tools like as React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, Sencha, and PhoneGap, among others.

Categories Of Mobile Applications

There are various types of mobile app categories, and one of the most important factors for Mobile App Development company in India is to have a thorough understanding of these categories, which enables them to create various types of mobile applications from a business perspective.

While the IOS app store categorises approximately 24 types and the Google play store categorises approximately 33 types, only 7 types are more important and have successfully reached users.

Gaming Apps

Gaming apps are one of the most popular around the world, causing app developers to devote more time and resources to creating new games and mobile versions of popular stationary games. Gaming applications are highly engaging and provide users with a feeling of accomplishment. Therefore, developers at Mobile App Development company in India consider it to be the most lucrative investment category.

Lifestyle Apps

Apps in this category aim to enhance users’ lifestyles in a variety of ways, including fitness, shopping, training, weight loss, and virtual trial rooms. These apps developed by Mobile App Development companies in India aim to provide users with the best solutions to their professional, recreational, and other lifestyle-related problems.

Apps for Business 

Business productivity apps are the second most popular app among users. There are a variety of B2B and B2C business applications designed for purchasing, selling, billing, tracking work progress, and sending emails. The primary objective of these apps developed by Mobile App Development company in India is to increase and reduce business expenses.

Entertainment Software

Entertainment apps are those that are designed to mentally stimulate the user. These apps allow users to watch online videos, locate the nearest event, communicate, upload images to social networking sites, and more. The overall experience provided by Mobile App Development company in India is extremely energising for users due to the presence of entertaining and interactive elements in such apps.

Educational Software

Modern culture is more wary of self-education, which is why Mobile App Development company in India have developed educational applications. These applications allow children to have fun while learning new concepts and techniques. Even certain educational applications can assist teachers with their classroom activities.

Utility Applications

We Mobile App Development company in India utilise these applications daily. Whether it’s for hailing a cab, obtaining home repairs, or obtaining medical care, the utility apps with the shortest user session times are the most efficient. Users adore these applications because they make completing tasks simple and quick.

Travel Applications

By providing information in a clear and concise manner, these apps are designed to offer users pleasant, simple, educational, and enjoyable travel experiences. While some apps help users find their way, others use maps to lead them through uncharted territory. Even travel apps now provide translation support for users.

Advantages of Mobile App Development Company In India

More Expertise

All of the leading mobile app development companies in India have multiple developers who produce end-to-end products with ease by working as a team and addressing any issues that arise during the application’s development. If a freelancer accepts a small sum of money and completes the work in a short period of time, what about the pixel-perfect product upon which your product can expand? Yes, our Android app development company in Bangalore provides you with significantly more experience and assists in creating an application that exceeds your expectations by a factor of one hundred.

Multiple mobile app developers and pricing options 

We have a team of multiple developers who are capable of handling both Android and IOS app development. However, when hiring a freelancer, you must hire separate Android and iOS developers. In addition, freelancers for hire will charge you an hourly rate. In contrast, Android app development companies in India will charge you monthly, either as a single payment or in advance.

Simple Communication

Complex mobile applications necessitate that clients and developers are on the same page. Any miscommunication can have dire consequences. Therefore, our mobile app development companies in India will be in constant contact with you from the beginning of the design process to the end result of the developer-led team. The majority of freelancers will work from different countries, making it impossible to communicate with them regularly. In contrast, Android app development companies in India will provide you with complete information and timely results.


If you want to add new features after a year or two, the freelancers will no longer be available to provide timely updates. However, as a mobile app development agency in India, we will guide your app and business development process.


To distribute your application to Android and iOS developers, you must consider software testing and distribution. As a mobile app development company in India, Techknowten Technologies offers round-the-clock service.

Frequent-Asked Question For Our Mobile App Development Service In India

We already have designs; are you able to work with them?

Usually, yeah. Although we prefer to work with our own designs because it allows us to provide the most value possible. However, we are flexible and accommodating to your needs.

  • We will examine your designs to determine their viability. If they are formidable, we will gladly take over from there.
  • However, if the designs do not satisfy our minimum requirements, we will be forthright and suggest that you reconsider.

How long will it take to develop and release my application?

The process of developing and releasing a mobile application is complex. Before the app is released on the corresponding app store, it is carefully tested for software faults and usability concerns after development is complete.

It may take between three and nine months on average to develop and launch an app. The exact duration is determined by variables such as app complexity, project structure, the amount of features included, the location of the app development business, etc. Here is a summary of the most time-intensive phases of the development process:

  • Project description and research: 2-6 weeks
  • Design sprints: 4-8 weeks
  • Development: 6-12 weeks
  • 1-2 weeks to deploy the app to app stores
  • Post-launch assistance: Permanent

Do you offer maintenance and support following the development of a mobile application?

Yes, we provide comprehensive maintenance and post-development support to guarantee that your mobile application remains relevant over time.

I have a website; can you create an app for it?

Yes, we can assist in the creation of an app for your website. We utilise cloud databases to ensure that all data is synchronised throughout the website and mobile application.

What are the prospects for mobile application development in India?

In the past few decades, technology has taken over the world in a major way. So much so that even the items we buy, the ways in which we communicate, live, and learn have been profoundly changed by technology. These alterations have had a significant impact on mobile phones. Since feature phones were supplanted by smart phones and iPhones, mobile applications have been on the rise and are here to stay for a long time.

Why did we adopt and adapt to mobile application development?

The development of mobile applications caused a tidal wave among mobile phone users. Users may download the simple app on their mobile device and utilise it whenever they desired. This was not the only aspect. The goal to be recognised as one of the top 10 mobile app development companies in India and the drive to take this technology in a more productive direction prompted us to include mobile app development in our expansive scheme of things.

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