What Is Trust Content in terms of Social Media Marketing ?

Trends change with years. There is always a new social network feature standing around the corner hoping to define the next buzz and upgrade the social media marketing.  

As social media teams sit down to discuss the content patterns of the previous year, their conversations boil down to one question- what trends will make a difference in the upcoming year?

However, the underlying concern is related to customer behavior. In their most basic form, trends are tools that define a few aspects of customer behavior. Understanding the popular rage of yesterday helps the marketers come up with what could be the popular rage of tomorrow.

Defining Trust Content

Podcast audience went 11 percent up in 2017 with over 112 million Americans tuning into it. Between 2015 and 2016, the live stream video watchers increased by 81%.

In late 2016, Snapchat users were watching ten billion videos each day. Facebook has reported that its video posts; organic reach is 135% greater than the posts with images.

What these recent trends and numbers want to tell you are simple. People want to invest in content that holds power to reach more people, to gather a bigger audience, and to ensure that a good portion of it will come back.

Thus, trust content can be defined as the form of media that allows your business to gather an audience while ensuring that you get to spend more quality time with each one of them.

Why Is Trust Content Getting Bigger by Day?

The current social media environment is in dire need of material that demands less time and offers more value.

In today;s time, people consume tremendous amounts of data through smartphones, live TV, PC, radio, DVD, gaming, etc. Two-third of their day is occupied with using the internet in some way or the other.

Also, the advertising mediums like tweets, posts, or other content forms have become less impressive. The intention to sell is often evident, and people have no trust left in them.

It has led to the creation of smarter, more targeted, and frequent marketing messages. The marketers are getting better at borrowing your attention for a few seconds. They interrupt your Netflix binging time with micro-content to not annoy you and yet get their message conveyed to you.

Why Has It Grabbed Social Media Marketer’s Attention?

Social media advertising or marketing is slowly inching towards the point where relevance rules. Whatever the query be, relevant results can be a marketers key to a customer’s head.

The recent campaigns and advertisements you see have improved and are growing tremendously to incorporate most of these following characteristics.

The consumer communication has become more engaging, entertaining, and leaves the audience with food for thought.

Customer communication has become easier, quicker, and more responsive than before.

The content people consume nowadays is not deliberately putting an organisation or a product in the limelight. They are choosing creativity over good old product placement.

Brands talk about their social responsibilities, thus instilling the audiences confidence in them.

The Future of Trust Content Is yet to Unfold 

Customers demand value out of every second they spare for a brand. When social media campaigns comply, offering content that engages the viewer while leaving an impression on them at the same time, it helps build trust.

While the nature of this form of content has yet to reveal all its powers, it is clear that the content saturation and advertisement-distrust present among people currently will push for new and better methods to convey a brand’s message while putting out its products.