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“Build your web presence to expand your reach and drive more business”

TechKnowTen offers comprehensive website design and web development services that differentiate your website from others by making it more appealing, interactive and customized at the same time. Our USP lies in being able to keep your business needs at the very core of the entire development cycle.

TechKnowTen understands the various things that are expected out of a well-constructed website. From start-ups to small-business websites, to offering full-fledged web solutions for large companies, we have been there and done it all. Whether it is front end, open source or proprietary or even for the purpose of e-commerce, our industry-leading website development services offer user-friendly interfaces that are SEO optimized We meet best quality standards, and provide complete post-development maintenance and support. Innovative designs, innovatively presented – that’s basically says all about our approach.

Web Development

We believe in Website Optimisation

Function and design are partners when it comes to creating an online presence that is hard to ignore and that allows your client to fall in love with it naturally. You can’t have one without the other and then expect the outcome to bring overwhelming response, because chances are that it won’t.

Your website is your billboard. Whatever goes up there promotes you, and can just as easily give you a good or a bad image. Here, the important thing is to design the whole thing well. And to keep it functional in a precise manner. While you might have a practically useful business plan and the potential to provide the best service in your domain, people will see you first and test you later. Their first impression of you will be initially built on the design they navigate through and then later, on the experience your services will give to them. This “first impression” and all the ones after it is what we, at TechKnowTen, handle like pros. We put in efforts to achieve the point of refined appearance where every click you get is a choice people make willingly.

Why Choose Us?

TechKnowTen is the go-to wizard for any and all kinds of website development in India. While our magical performance is not magic but hard work, we offer you an effect on your audience that lasts for some time.

Winsome Appearances

We customize a site as per the needs you describe. However, the one common thing in each of our take-ups is the fact that we combine a linear layout with just the right colors, making space for everything without cluttering the view. The result- a site that oozes sophisticated professionalism and yet, is engaging and likable.


Our goal is a functional interface. We achieve it by just incorporating the goodness of spontaneous navigation and the power of AJAX interactivity in a comprehensible interface. Following the user-friendliness standards, we ensure that the entire outlook is task oriented, and hence offers the maximum possible usability.

Everything Else

It is important to understand that a website is a weapon. Used in the right way and at the right time, it can take a business to unexplored heights even. With the general utility and outlook benefits, with TechKnowTen, you also get the standard advantages.

Winsome Appearances

We customize a site as per the needs you describe. However, the one common thing in each of our take-ups is the fact that we combine a linear layout with just the right colors, making space for everything without cluttering the view. The result- a site that oozes sophisticated professionalism and yet, is engaging and likable.

Work with multiple Technologies

Many aspects affect the reception of a website. The design has to be efficient and yet, simple. The pages should load fast. The layout must be consistent, and the navigation should be logical. Then there are the issues of browser compatibility, device compatibility, resolving resolutions, more rapid responses, and other similar technicalities.

TechKnowTen team is a group of individuals with expertise who know how each of the above-mentioned aspects can be controlled and manipulated to get a fairly sensible picture that is also appealing to whomsoever it targets.

The technologies we are capable of implementing in an unblemished manner are mentioned here.

  • MySQL
  • Ajax
  • PHP5
  • Jquery
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML5
  • CGI
  • ASP.net
  • SQL
  • Perl
  • Magneto
  • Drupal
  • Wordpress
  • Zend
  • Joomla
  • Core PHP
Web Development

Our Services

web portal-development

Custom Application Development

For custom websites, we offer you the advantages of SOA support, elegant interface, custom APIs, responsive elements, and latest design and tech aspects.

web portal-development

Price Comparison Website

For price comparisons, we provide a sleek and streamlined layout to ensure that the content falls comfortably on eyes and the fragments are sensibly connected.

Enterprise development

News Portal

We provide quick responses, easy navigation, smooth backgrounds and as is essential for an almost always updating portal, we make sure that the design falls in place with the content without disrupting the functionality.

Enterprise development

Enterprise application development

We enjoy a wealth of experience in delivering business portal design solutions. Our expertise in developing scalable, secure, streamlined, and integrated portals allows us to handle the interaction, collaboration, and automation aspects in a balanced manner.

web portal-development

Social media network site

From a useful networking application to forum development and networking profile customization, we are richly experienced in dealing with social network portals. Our products have original service-oriented designs, open APIs, a killer layout, and the ability to handle web content with ease.

Enterprise development

Job Portal

Recruitment involves lots of data. For a web portal that handles jobs/internships, the recruitments, the details of accommodation, stipend, salary, and services, it is crucial to sport a smooth but responsive internal design structure. And we promise you just that- the ability to handle databases with lightening fast speed.

Community Web Portal Development

Traveling website

With the tourism industry, the requirements bend a bit. TA few among many features of travel portals are mostly about booking hotels or transport modes, both domestic and international., foreign money exchange, SMS and payment gateway integration, and account creation and management for users and agents. TechKnowTen understands the process and hence, is capable of coming up with a design that incorporates all these and yet stays as neutrally uncluttered and logically connected as possible.

web portal-development

Healthcare Portal

Our healthcare portals are simple. They are built for a general understanding where the complexity of several health care services of any service provider is simplified to represent on a screen in the most efficient manner possible.Your clients will be able to make or cancel appointments, handle timings, find information, pay bills, and perform any other functions that you intend to allow them to access via the portal we’ll build in a matter of a few seconds.

Community Web Portal Development

Community Web Portal

We realize the significance of a community portal in growing a business and gathering revenue. Which is why, we have skilled professionals to deal with the numerous aspects of a community portal design including content management, security infrastructures, collaborative workspaces, site management features, and people oriented look and feel.

Community Web Portal Development

Real Estate Portal

With the intent of providing your website the maximum online visibility possible under the light of professionalism, our team of experts ensure a pixel-perfect design that is not only custom-made and optimised across various devices but also has self-control ensuring techniques like content management systems (CMS) fitted with the design.Each website we create fulfils the parameters of utility, uncluttered and neat look and feel, and usable, unambiguous content. We take every aspect of your business under consideration, right from analysing your business, market, and requirements to creating the correct digital signature to match your brand. You will also have the authority to update the content of any section and the convenience to do it whenever there is a need.We make your online presence a noticeable, applause-worthy event that is hard to ignore, harder to dismiss.