Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing includes a variety of web-related tasks, each of which must be carried out with a focus on the end-user to achieve success. We are one of the best digital marketing agency in Noida that has a fantastic team of digital marketing experts working around the clock to attract, engage, and convert your customers into purchases.

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At TechKnowTen, we don't just handle your social media marketing; we also offer a full-funnel marketing plan that takes advantage of the best tools and content to help you solve your toughest problems and achieve your objectives. TechKnowTen is one of the best digital marketing agency in Delhi, that specialises in SEO, paid advertising, social media, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization. we employ ethical and tried-and-true methods to help your company establish and maintain a strong online presence.

As a leading Digital Marketing Company in Noida, TechKnowTen assists you in establishing a presence on the internet for Search Engines and Social Media.

Digital Marketing Goals

Goal setting is the founding stone of any marketing or business strategy. Necessity of goals is amplified even further in Digital marketing & Social media. We define, document & deliver on digital marketing goals to achieve tangible goals in an intangible arena.

Social Media Audit

Analytics, feedback & refinement of social media strategy are critical to its success. Emphasizing on organization’s long-term vision through social media strategy is paramount to understand future course of action. Periodic audit paves the way to future.

Target Audience

Digital marketing budget often gets wasted due to non-definition of audience. A grasp of key parameters such as age bracket, income level, location, purchase pattern amongst others defines the network to be focused upon.

Digital Content Strategy

Content sells even without good campaign. A clear content strategy tailored to core audience remains beneficial to resources and budget. Content strategy forms synergy between tone of content & brand identity.

Key Performance Indicators

Measurement of tangible & intangible indicators leads to optimization of future course of action. Tracking and analyzing digital efforts on a regular basis ensures success of digital strategy and tactics in the long run.


Measuring an intangible parameter of effectiveness of digital marketing remains a complex task. Accounting for marketing goals and your expense we are able to measure your Social Media ROI, ROE & ROA.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
We have a well-planned SEO strategy that will meet your company's needs. We are one of the top SEO companies in India that use powerful keyword research analogies to optimise your site will bring it to the top of search engine results.
  • E-Commerce SEO
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Email Outreach
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SEM & PPC (Search Engine Marketing)
Our SEM strategy is based on determining who your target audience is and then targeting them with the right content. We create stunning graphics that will entice, engage, and convert your customers.
  • Retargeting
  • Video Advertising
  • Facebook Advertising
  • SEM
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Social Media Marketing
We have a great deal of expertise in social media marketing, as evidenced by the fact that some of our research on the current trends reported in the world of social media has landed us in the news. Enjoy the benefits of connecting with your audience via the most popular business procedure on the internet.
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Node JS
  • Twitter
  • Pintrest
Conversion Rate Optimization
CRO differs from content optimization in that it is an art that combines years of experience, a unique approach, and a combination of testing and data analysis to improve the sales funnel and ROI.
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics
Content Marketing
We have a fantastic team of content marketing experts who are always looking for new ways to create great content marketing strategies that will drive people to your business.
  • Blog Content
  • Infographics Content
  • Instagram
  • Node JS
  • Website Content
  • Review Content
Email Marketing
Email marketing is a business process that only an expert can successfully execute due to their experience and skills. Many of our clients who use email marketing to connect with their customers and increase their customer count rely on us for tried-and-true strategies.
  • Planning and Setting Your Goal.
  • Evaluate and Repeat
  • The Message
Online Reputation
Reputation is a word that can only be earned through trust. We create online reputation management campaigns that generate trust by utilizing genuine methodologies that have been tried and tested for the majority of the reputable business firms that are successfully operating online.
  • Reputation Building
  • Reputation Recovery
  • Reputation Maintenance
Analytics Consultation
Techknowten specializes in Analytics Consultation. Thank you to our team of professional experts who devised an excellent strategy for analyzing, adjusting, and improving business objectives, thereby assisting you in achieving your business goals and success.
  • Document Business Objectives and Creating Strategies
  • Analyze, Adjust and Improve
  • Determine Reporting and Segments


Creative Strategy

Ideas that deliver ROI

Experienced Team

Reliable and Responsible People

Guaranteed Results

Amazing Analytics & Reports

Strategic Control

Conversion Optimization

AdWords & Facebook Ads

76% of ad budgets produce ZERO results

AdWords and Facebook audits are the first step of a successful campaign. Most Ad campaigns yield disappointing results in its infancy. Audit your campaigns and identify it’s strength and weaknesses for of your digital marketing campaign under our belts, we’ve learned what it takes for you to become an industry leader. TechKnowTen as your digital marketing agency will give you free 32-point audit to identify exactly what is and is not working in your campaigns today.

Site Experience Testing

Periodic Design Testing increases Annual Revenue by 50%

An experience of handling over 100 million visitors gives us tools to ram home customer conversion. We focus on experiences of your audience to increase the probability of action at every step. On an average, we increase conversion rates of our clients by over 50% in the initial spurt.

Analytics Reporting

97% of companies have bad web analytics data

Measure actual revenue contribution of the user towards your business. Complete tracking of the user actions on your site with Google / Adobe analytics, CRM integrations, tag management, heat mapping, and call tracking.