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Are you hoping to drive more brand awareness? Do you want to see more website leads which ultimately increases your business? Our experienced team of digital marketing experts will take the time to understand your business needs so that we can develop an effective online strategy to keep your business ahead of the curve in today’s day & age.
At TechKnowTen, we will not attempt to fit your business into an existing cookie-cutter mold. We take a strategic approach in building a long term, viable, integrated digital marketing solution based on your local business’s unique needs and continually make data-driven optimizations to foster long-term growth and sustainability. No two businesses are ever same. Each one faces different challenges, caters to demographically diverse clientele and boasts its own selling points. Regardless of your industry, location or audience, we can help you succeed.
You know your business. We know digital marketing. Together we create the perfect team.

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The Significance of Digital Marketing

Today, about 40% of Earth’s population enjoys an internet connection. This number was only 1% in 1995 and reached over three billion in 2014. Needless to say, human lives are getting digitised at the speed of a plague, albeit the effect is more positive in nature as opposed to that of the simile used.
Digital marketing techniques are in the process of taking over the conventional means. Since so much of the audience is online, this is where the online marketers want to be. And while this digitisation looks and feels dedicated to becoming the future of marketing and advertising, there exist businesses who consider it nothing more than a fad with a slightly longer life. Well, I’m here to ask you not to be a part of that herd. Why you ask. Allow me to elaborate then.

It Offers A Fair Chance for All Businesses

Digitisation is about so much more than just the facilities going online. For a business, applying digital resources is an investment. It is a means of effective marketing. It levels the battlefield, and small businesses have just as much chance of winning a target consumer base as a large one does.
Digital marketing is cost effective, requires little resources, and if cleverly used, can turn the investment into revenue before a traditional marketing process can blink an eyelash.

Web Development
Web Development
Digital Interaction Strengthens the Consumer Bond

With the amount of digital data consumption going on, it has become easier to separate the target consumers from the rest, and further create categories to prioritise marketing. There is huge amounts of data to analyse, and it is much cheaper to conduct an online consumer survey.

Digitally tracking and assessing the performance of any strategy is both easier and quicker. It allows the strategists to change the path of a plan as soon as a barricade is spotted. This way, new methods learn from the past ones. With techniques like email marketing, targeted social media marketing, personalised advertisements, suggestion technology, niche blogs, and SEO monitoring, it is possible to precisely target the consumers, increasing the chances of customer retention.

Digital Marketing Practises Aim at Deeper Audience Penetration

Think about it. Books, newspapers, calls, messages, discussions, forums, meetings, broadcasts, tv, radio- what isn’t online? Almost every facet of a modern life can be bought, viewed, manipulated, organised, and terminated at the touch of a finger in the current times.
Digital marketing talks to screens. It invites engagement in alluring manners. From desktops and laptops to mobile, tablets, and wearable techs, every screen is a consumer, and every bit of data is a way to grab the attention of the customer.

Web Development
Web Development
Digital Marketing Can Work Miracles for a Brand

If you have a good enough strategy, implementing it via digital means works towards carving a space for your brand in the market. With the feedbacks, testimonials, social media shares, and all other free advertisement a few months of proper marketing and adequately maintained service levels could acquire; your brand will have its trust value in no time.

Digital Marketing Is Just a Preview

Be it the ‘Internet of Things’ or the global internet usage statistics, everything signals to the onset of an age where screens will be direct windows into people’s lives. Digital marketing allows a peek into that life, prepares your business for an era where mere online existence wouldn’t be enough and retention and conversion rates will speak for your business.

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