Our Process


Our agency roots are in driving more traffic. We get eyes on your business through a targeted multichannel strategy combining organic SEO, content marketing, paid media and social media campaigns.


Multi-Channeled Paid Media

Social Media

Content Marketing

Data & Analytics

Conversion Optimization


The modern buyer is no longer dependent on salespeople for information to make purchase decisions. Nurturing contacts through the buying process by educating them and building trust is one of the most effective ways to convert contacts into qualified sales opportunities.

Lists Segmenting

Educational Content

Email Marketing

Social Listening

Marketing Automation

MQL to SQL Handoff


This is where the magic happens… We ensure our clients close more deals by creating a sales strategy and implementing technology in order to be more efficient and effective. We want our clients to spend more time actual selling vs. time-wasting tasks.


Define Sales Process

Sales Technology

Sales Automation

Leadership Sales Reporting

Training & Coaching

TechKnowTen is a transformational offering. The combination of strategy, digital marketing & sales enablement tactics proven to fuel business growth. It’s a beautiful thing!

chitresh kapoor

M.D. TechKnowTen

TechKnowTen vs. Others


We offer an end-to-end marketing, sales, and service solution that drives growth.

Sell you tactics (SEO, PPC, Social Media) vs. a growth plan.

We pick our Growth Stack clients just as closely as you select an agency partner

Just another client on the roster. Assigned a “rep” and good luck.

We don’t have packages. Every engagement is custom built based on your growth goals.

Fit you into a set “package” – for their benefit, not yours.

We work inclusively with your sales team to ensure alignment and drive revenue.

Your sales team is never part of the conversation.

We include training and coaching to take what we build together and continue growing.

Do it for you so you never learn yourself.

We drive the strategy in an agile model, reinventing the game plan every quarter.

Wait for clients to tell them what to do next. Zero innovation.